Marvin Kent Hockabout's Ashes May Have Been Found -- Finally

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The green backpak is still missing
SF Weekly readers might recall the  incident last month when an Alameda man's ashes were stolen from a church as his family prepared for his memorial service.

Now Hockabout, 74, can rest in peace -- finally. Media outlets are reporting that his family may have recovered all of his remains after a box was left outside Christ Episcopal Church on Friday.

Police haven't confirmed that those are Hockabout's ashes, but it's a safe assumption that they are.
On March 5 -- the day of the funeral service -- Hockabout's ashes had been left at the church altar inside a green backpack while his family visited nearby. When they returned, the backpack was gone.

A few days later, an Oakland man found the urn containing some of Hockabout's ashes on the 400 block of 29th Avenue in Oakland, just across the Park Street Bridge to Alameda.

No arrests have been made, and it's still unclear whether the person who took the backpack knew exactly what was in it.

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