Local Brit Tosses Cigarette at 'Prissy' Woman

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We have a long history with the Brits
Never let that refined British accent fool you.

On Tuesday, a well-dressed Englishman strolling through Golden Gate Park verbally abused a woman -- and then assaulted her -- as she was pushing her baby in a stroller.

Police said the chap was walking near Sixth Avenue and Lincoln Way at about 4:15 p.m. when he saw the 22-year-old mother pushing her son in a stroller along a path in Golden Gate Park.

The man yelled, "Prissy people like you with your nice carriages and pretty little dogs as fashion accessories shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets."

That's not very proper of him.

Naturally, the woman chose to ignore the rude man and kept walking. But he wasn't through. The man caught up to mom and toddler and tossed his lit cigarette at her, according to police reports.

The aggrieved Brit carried on his way -- no doubt whistling "Anarchy in the UK."

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Wouldn't he have called it a pram instead of a carriage? Maybe he faked the accent just for kicks.

While I in no way advocate assaulting someone, I must admit that the stroller brigade really annoys me too. Maybe I'm just a heterophobe, but there's something about breeders flaunting their spawn that just pisses me off


yes yes yes but since *she* was american and the carriage was hers i think using the american for that was correct ... the guy sounds like a dreadful example of britishness tho

Richard H
Richard H

lol a gay man in SF is hating on someone for "flaunting" something. Wow. You got some nerve dude.


Yeah you gay men are all the same

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