S.F Businessman to Swim for 60 Hours Nonstop -- for No Reason

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Chlorine on the brain.
To the nonathlete, even a five-mile run or swim seems crazy. But here is a guy who can make even ultramarathoners look sane.

Jamie Patrick, a die-hard swimmer and owner of Patrick & Co. in San Francisco, is planning to swim 240 miles nonstop -- that's about 60 hours -- across the Sacramento River. Call him obsessed (his wife does) -- the 40-year-old says he is doing it because he feels like it. How very Forrest Gump of him. 

But if he does complete this risky swim, then he will break the Guinness world record. The longest recorded swim is 50 hours.

 "I got chlorine on the brain," Patrick tells SF Weekly.

Patrick will plunge into the freezing water at Redding at 3 a.m. on Aug. 18. He will swim continuously until he reaches downtown Sacramento, not sleeping and only briefly stopping to eat.

And even then he will be taking his meals while treading water, which will he acknowledges will be one of the more challenging parts of the entire swim.

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Former Jag
Former Jag

when you are inheirently wealthy and have a successful business that you run, you can take time off to play a lot. any thought about being equally committed to charity?

Buck Cronkite
Buck Cronkite

Former Jag: Ever thought about keeping your eyes on your own plate and minding your own business. No, of course not -- you're a typical whiny San Francisco socialist. How about minding your own affairs? For starters, you could learn how to spell 'inherently' correctly. You'd still be a socialist, overly eager to criticize the successful, but at least you wouldn't appear to be dumb, also. Most folks don't have a problem lending a hand to the truly disenfranchised, but malcontents with a computer who have nothing to do but keep tabs on everyone but themselves... forget it, get a job you bum and mind your own business.


Your first sentence is silly...even to 99% of competitive athletes...hell, even to 95% of competitive SWIMMERS...a 5 mile swim seems crazy

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