Hells Angels: Are They Lauryn Hill Fans?

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Fans of Harleys...and Lauryn Hill?
The police told us a strange new twist in the Hells Angels attack on Market Street last night. The Angels and their soon-to-be victims had been at a show at the Warfield, says Sergeant Michael Andraychak.

Well, Tuesday night's show was none other than Lauryn Hill, the popular R&B artist.

The Hells Angels are fans of Lauryn Hill?

Andraychak says the victim first saw the men in their Angels jackets in the lobby of the Warfield. When the victims left the venue, the suspects also exited, then stood in front of them to prevent them from turning right at the corner of Market and Taylor.

News reports claim a Hells Angels member asked the 35-year-old victim whether he was a Mongol -- a rival motorcycle gang -- before attacking him. Police are unsure whether he was stabbed with a knife or  a broken bottle.

Andraychak says the victim has improved and was able to talk with police officers. His injuries are no longer considered life-threatening. The victim does not claim any gang affiliation, and was not wearing a motorcycle-gang jacket at the time of the attack.

Police have made no arrests, but have been canvassing the neighborhood for surveillance footage.

Are they going to raid the Hells Angels clubhouse on Tennessee Street? "We wouldn't tell you if we were," Andraychak says.

It looks like the Hells Angels have won at least the first round of this fight, but as Lauryn Hill would rap, "How you gonna win if you ain't right within?"

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It's time for the "Hells Angels" to turn into the "Piggy Angels" and stop all that mean stuff @


I thought the Hell's Angels were fans of dentures and early bird specials.


Old school rock and some light metal iof the Hell's musical tastes @


I dont beleive a word of it The whole thing smells like B/S

WHY ? ok ill tell you I read this already online at another website news thing .

supposedly one of the Hell,s Angels accidentally bumped into him then Nothing ! then after the concert was over one of the Hell,s angels supposedly yelled hey arent you a mongol ? Then Nothing ! Now according to this website they waited for em outside then asked em again if they were a mongol before attacking . .

then supposedly The Hells Angel,s started hitting the guy . THEY just dont roll like that all the one,s ive ever seen are very respectful to the community and people in general.

And why the hell would they ask and wait for a response if they just wanted to pound on somebody . if those guys would have said no you must have us mistaken for someone else They wouldn't have hit em.

This story has more holes in it then swiss cheese !


And they wonder why they get beat up all the time. That's what happens to bullies...


They are one of the oldest motorcycle gangs in america and very much like the mob in some ways.

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