Earthquake Hits Japan Again, No Tsunami Warning for S.F.

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Another tsunami warning in Japan
Sadly, Japan was shaken again by another earthquake Thursday night, and is now under the threat of a tsunami, a month after it was devastated by an 9.0 earthquake and a tsunami that killed more than 25,000 people.

Buildings as far away as Tokyo reportedly shook for more than a minute when the 7.4 earthquake hit, media outlets report. Afterward, Japan issued a tsunami warning for the coastal towns, with a wave expected up to six feet.

Local authorities assured reporters that the West Coast is safe, and should not expect any tsunami warnings through the day.
Immediately after the earthquake, all power was cut in Japan.

The aftershock hit as Japan continues to grapple with a nuclear leak that resulted from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. The disaster left that' parts of the country in shambles, with no hot water in some areas.

After the earthquake, San Francisco and other West Coast cities suffered from small tsunami's that damaged docks, boats, and even killed one person.

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WATCH: San Francisco democratic candidate Summer Shields, standing on the San Andreas fault, addresses the need to fund satellites that could be used to monitor electromagnetic activity associated with earthquakes to be able to forecast them and save countless lives:


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