Video: Drain Fishing in San Francisco with Kirk Lombard

In this week's cover story, "Go Fish," we tag along with local seafood-foraging guru Kirk Lombard as he scours the shores of the Bay Area for night smelt, monkeyface eels, rock cod, surf perch, and more. The story also examines Lombard's driving ethos of local seafood consumption, and how this applies to San Francisco's embattled commercial fisheries and the much-discussed notion of "sustainable" seafood.

Among Lombard's more entertaining fishing exploits is the spectacle of "drain fishing." Check out the video above, in which he lowers his line into a storm drain in Mission Bay, emerging with a fine rock cod. (The fish was thrown back. Lombard doesn't recommend consuming roc-fish that dwell on the shoreline of the southeastern city, where they are potentially exposed to urban pollution.)

For more information on the foraging and consumption of local seafood, as well as some more videos, check out Lombard's blog, The Monkeyface News.

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Sean Wilson
Sean Wilson

this would have been much more impressive if the cameraman hadn't revealed that they were right by the water.

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