Dodgers Come to Town, Giants to Increase Security

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Leave the rivalry on the field
With the Dodgers -- and their fans -- making their way to San Francisco for tonight's game, the Giants have added more security to prepare for the worst.

Officer Albie Esparza told media outlets that police will have a "very visible increased presence" inside and outside AT&T Park, just in case there is any retaliation after Dodgers fans beat Giants fan Bryan Stow two weeks ago.  The Giants say the security force will be 30 to 40 percent higher than what you typically see at a game.

"Anyone who is causing any problems will be dealt with immediately in order to prevent any further escalation," Esparza was quoted as saying in the Examiner.

Meanwhile, tonight's game will be dedicated to Stow, who was brutally beaten outside the Dodger stadium after the opener game on March 31. He remains in critical condition with possible brain damage at a Los Angeles hospital.

Both teams and cities have pulled together a $100,000 reward to help catch the men responsible for attacking Stow, who was beaten as he walked to his car.

Today's game is the first between the Giants and the Dodgers since the incident.

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h. brown
h. brown

One last OooooRiiiiiBaaaayyy! chant?

SF is a class town and always has been. I'd like to see fans cheer Juan Uribe his first time up and then toss a few friendly boo's from then on. Hey, now he's a Dodger.

Wonder if Bochy will play Posey today?



The problem is, you're doing it at the wrong location. It's not AT&T where you have to worry about this, it's Dodger stadium. We've been trying to make that point for ever, but no one in LA, especially McCourt gets it. Talk to me when you're making this statement about a Dodgers game in LA. Duh!


Let's show how us Giants fans treats Dodger fans: We may joke and yell at each other about whose team is better, but we respect them by not committing violence and other anti-social behavior that isn't tolerated by most.

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