Chris Daly Cited for Failing to Shout at Smokers

Chris Daly relishes his order from the city to start shouting at people again
In his recently concluded tenure as a public servant, Chris Daly was not one to avoid high-decibel, oft-profane outbursts directed at the public he served. In his current iteration as a barkeep, Daly has been loath to spew vitriol at paying customers or random passersby.

The city has a problem with this.

This week, Daly, proprietor of the Buck Tavern, received a notice from the Department of Public Health that faulted him for failing to verbally admonish smokers gathering in front of his bar. The inherent hilarity of the situation was not lost on Daly. "This is the first time someone gave me a hard time for not yelling at people," he says. 

The notice states that complaints were made regarding smoking in front of the premises on Jan. 28. The DPH promptly investigated the matter -- on March 10 -- at which time one assumes the original smokers had left the scene. Still, Daly was found at fault for failing to admonish the nicotine-infused miscreants.

Entertainingly, the photographs of Daly's bar included with the report reveal a large "No Smoking" sign in the front window.

The barkeep has two weeks to demonstrate compliance with the city's mandate. He seems eager to do so. Last night he announced to the crowd on hand, "Someone go outside and smoke so I can yell at you."

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Terrrie Frye
Terrrie Frye

This is ridiculous. People smoke outside of bars all the time. Are all the bartenders or owners cited? Or is this another Daly witch hunt?


I didn't know Obama stopped at Daly's bar.


When one drinks, their brains and ears become a little numb. So I really draw the line on noise pollution and smoke as they go hand and hand. Respect for the neighbors means you respect yourself as well.


i was specifically asked by chris to smoke at the curb. did i comply-you bet. did he yell-no way.

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