Charlie Sheen Show to Benefit Beaten Giants Fan Bryan Stow

Not so bad afterall
Those of us who would rather gouge our eyes out with a spoon than listen to another one of Charlie Sheen's epic rants -- onstage at that -- should maybe reconsider shelling out $100 for the weekend event.

Sheen's publicist has reportedly said he will donate proceeds from merchandise sold at Saturday's "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour in San Francisco to Bryan Stow, the Giants fan who was viciously beaten last month.

So maybe you should purchase that T-shirt with the obnoxiously famous Sheen saying: "Duh! Winning."

Stow, 42, was severely beaten on March 31 as he left Dodger Stadium after the opener game between the Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers. He remains in critical condition.

Stow was walking to his car after the game when two men wearing Dodgers attire started heckling him. They attacked him and continued beating him even after he was unconscious. He suffered brain swelling and a fractured skull.

Yesterday, doctors started to take Stow out of his medically induced coma, yet say it may be several days before he shows any change in his condition.

Police released sketches of the two suspects, but have no leads. A $150,000 reward has been offered leading to their arrest.

Well, at least Sheen's tiresome antics have finally found a purpose.

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Want to REALLY help Bryan Stow and his family? Donate directly via http://www.support4bryanstow.c...

He is donating profits from merch sales - probably 10-25% of what you are paying for the item. Not a single penny from the $85-$110 ticket price is going to the Stow family. He reportedly earned $300,000 for the first TWO shows alone.

This is a self-serving action from a self absorbed and delusional misogynist. Sales and reactions to this sham of a "tour" have been brutal. He is USING this terrible tragedy to boost sales and his own agenda. Period. As he said to a heckler at one of the first shows "I already have your money, dude!"

Donate the price of the ticket and tshirt - heck, donate HALF the price of a ticket and t-shirt and the Stow family would receive $50-$100 instead of the $5-$10 'profit' on a "Winning? duh" t-shirt. A check from +this+ non-billionaire is already in the mail to the Stow family.

Want to really do something for the good of humanity, Charlie? Go away. Get help. Stop hitting women.

Shaun Landry
Shaun Landry

Instead of having to attend a show for thirty bucks (which is what these tickets are now selling for on Stub Hub) and buy a ridiculous T-Shirt that all your friends will make fund of purchasing for a stupid amount of money that you will eventually find at a thrift store on Mission Street in three years?

you can go directly to Brian's website and give 50 dollars:


Don't go to a horrible show with an outrageous egomaniac, wonderful San Francisco because Charlie Sheen decided to hook onto a cause to get your non donated ticket sales. If you care about Brian Stow and Giants Fans? Do the right thing and give "100 percent" instead of "proceeds from shirt sales" Save yourself from the embarrassment of having to watch sheen motorboat a woman's boobs from Marin for Brian Stowe.

The website AGAIN is http://www.support4bryanstow.c...

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