'Beat a Dodgers Day' Advertised on Craigslist

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But not literally

Some Giants fans are calling on San Francisco to find a Dodgers fan and beat them -- literally.

Bryan Stow, a Giants fan, remains in critical condition in a Los Angeles hospital, after being savagely beaten outside the Dodger stadium as he left the opener game between the Dodgers and the Giants on March 31.

Tonight will be the first time the two teams have faced off since the tragic incident and now there seems to be a call for retaliation, with shocking Craigslist ads posted asking for Giants fans to beat up Dodgers fans at tonight's game in San Francisco.

One post reads: "So the Dodgers are in town this weekend, let's beat a Dodger."

And that's a tamer one. Here are some more that will make your stomach turn.

"Giants fan beat" says:

I really hope you Giants fans beat the living crap out of any of these scum bags you see at the game. Make sure you pick one with a bunch of stupid tatoos across his face or something, don't just pick the first lettuce picker you see, make sure it is a well thought out attack. Pick the one that looks like the biggest thug loser in the group. Please, make sure he does not live to tell about it!

"I support the murder of a Dodgers fan" says:

When the Dodgers come to AT@T,..some Mexican in Dodger gear,..fuck it, do it,..nobody would blame you...might even be rewarded.


It's exactly why the Giants will increase security for tonight's game, by as much as 40 percent -- to expect the best but "prepare for the worst."

Come on, San Francisco: Let's prove to Los Angeles that we are better on and off the field.

Meanwhile, for those who want to help Stow, the Giants will host a fundraiser at the gates of AT&T Park and throughout the San Francisco game this evening. You can also purchase a LiveStrong-style Bryan Stow bracelet for $5 from this Santa Cruz blog. In addition, the San Francisco Police Credit Union is accepting online donations through PayPal or bank transfer.

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Aaron Bialick
Aaron Bialick

So... let me try and make sense of this mentality.

I like a sports team, you like a sports team. Someone who likes the sports team I like beat up someone who likes the sports team you like. Therefore, I should beat you up, because things will be better.

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