Barfing in Dolores Park: Protesters to Stage Puke-In

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This makes me want to barf
So you think you can't stomach what happens at San Francisco's Dore Alley fair, but how about a massive puke fest in Dolores Park? Keep reading.

To show the city how they really feel about commercializing S.F. parks, a group of San Franciscans is planning a puke-in at Dolores Park this weekend. As the group notes on its Facebook page:  "Privatization makes me sick."

We assume once a few people start tossing their cookies, it won't take much effort to get more of them on the puke train -- the sight and smell of throw-up alone is enough to fuel a puke fete.

In addition to retching in the park, the group has started an online petition, Take Back Our Parks, opposing the Recreation and Parks Department's move to allow permits for food vendors in Dolores Park.

"I'm gonna puke!!!!! How do you get the attention of the people of SF? The neighbors of Dolores Park have no idea that the trailer issue is even back, so to get the word out and get people talking about it, we are gonna have a protest, sort of. We're all gonna puke in Dolores Park on Saturday the 23rd at 2:00. More details soon. Privatizing our parks makes me sick. How about you?"

Read more about this nauseating event at SF Weekly's Exhibitionist blog.

(Yes, it's a Chicken John event. Yep, he used to do a weekly column for us.)

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Allison Bakke
Allison Bakke

I live right next to the Park and I think I'd rather have a food truck in the park than these jerks.

The Sharkey
The Sharkey

I wonder if anyone will notice the barfing protesters in the middle of the normal crowd of people urinating and defecating all over Dolores Park?


he'll get the bulimic vote.

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