A Brief Guide to 4/20 in San Francisco

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It's like any other day, really
Like buying a gift for the rich person who has everything, celebrating 4/20 in San Francisco presents a bit of a conundrum -- of privilege.

Tokers will seep out of the woodwork in many cities across the nation to ring in the weed-burners' day. Yet in San Francisco, the birthplace of the American medical marijuana movement, pot is smoked brazenly and openly all other 364 days.

So what's a San Francisco stoner to do to make this day especially (im)memorable?

Here are some ideas:

Contribute to Marijuana Commerce
Remember how you could buy pot at a store in high school? Considering that medical cannabis dispensaries have been around in San Francisco for half a decade, the novelty of a business slinging buds has worn off. Nobody remembers buying an eighth of high-end Granddaddy Purple for $15 in high school, which is what SPARC charged yesterday. And it wasn't even Patient Appreciation Day. But no dispensary has a show in store like Green Door's. The SOMA club expects President Obama's motorcade to grace its Howard Street location today at 4:20 p.m. Patients are being asked to show up to the club's Inhale to the Chief fete early to enjoy the DJs, giveaways, and at 4:20, to say thanks, Green Door-style. Yes, there may be weed involved.

Laugh at a Marijuana Comedy Show
Ngaio Bealum is a bit of a polymath. The Mission High graduate and West Coast Cannabis magazine editor is also a stand-up comedian whose main muse is ... marijuana. Bealum hosts an evening of stoner-friendly comedy (as opposed to those jokes high people hate?) tonight at 8 at the Punchline, 444 Battery. Tickets at the door or via Ticketmaster.

Meet the Ganja Guru
Ed Rosenthal, the man who would do anything for weed, is making an appearance in San Francisco at 4:20 today for a book signing. Get high and then get your Marijuana Grower's Handbook signed by Rosenthal, who will reportedly be high during the event.

Yell and Scream at That Jerk of a President for Fucking Over Patients
Last week, we mentioned that patient advocacy group Americans for Safe Access would be protesting President Obama's visit on this day of all days. The protest will in fact happen tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. Agitators are asked to congregate outside the St. Regis Hotel at 125 Third St. before he rolls up for his 8 a.m. "Breakfast with the President" fund-raising event. If that isn't enough for you, hit up his speech this evening at the Nob Hill Masonic Auditorium.

Listen to a Drum Circle at Hippie Hill
Turns out this happens every day! Though it'll have sort of a St. Patrick's Day amateur hour type element to it today. Which is nice.

Now we're off ... to celebrate this global pot-smoking day!

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Far From SNOOT
Far From SNOOT

Why is there a a tag labeled "laugh while your high"? It's "you're" isn't it? Am I right, people who probably have a bachelor's in English and now write/edit the SF Weekly blog. Am I?

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