Tinfoil Hat Duo Graces San Francisco

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Well, you don't see that every day
It takes a lot in San Francisco to induce locals -- locals riding Muni, no less -- to turn their heads and utter, "what the hell is that?"

And yet, this duo of men bedecked in tinfoil chapeaux fill the bill. Sadly, your humble narrator cannot tell you what drove these men to venture out in public while outfitted in elaborate headgear reminiscent of the helmets worn by Alexander Nevsky as depicted in Sergei Eisenstien's breathtaking 1938 film of the same name.

The striking gents simply strode away from your bus-bound scribe too quickly for me to do more than hurriedly snap this photo. Alas. 

So, your guess remains as good as ours. Do these hats protect the wearer from electromagnetic bombardment? Japanese radiation? Robot pigeons? Mind control? Or, in a nod to Nevsky himself, the modern-day version of the tinfoil Teutonic Knights?

When next we see this duo, we will endeavor to inquire further. Sadly, however, their headgear precludes us from doing so telepathically.

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h. brown
h. brown

You can buy those in Chinatown,

No kidding. I've seen them in a 3-pack holiday gift thing along with a surgical mask and a condom. Add a pack of rolling papers and you're set for the big one.

Go Giants!



Maybe there looking for Haley's comet?

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