Tim Lincecum's In-N-Out Binge

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The breakfast of champions...
We can't decide. Does Tim Lincecum's new look more closely resemble Iggy Pop or the Christopher Walken "The Continental" character from Saturday Night Live? Consider it food for thought.

Speaking of food and thought, we think Lincecum's professed favorite food order at In-N-Out just blew our minds. The lanky pitcher -- 168 pounds (he says), much of which is hair -- tells USA Today that, when dining at In-N-Out, he tends to order three double-doubles, two fries, and a chocolate-strawberry shake. And he does this with regularity.

Now would probably be a decent time to note that Lincecum was last year busted for pot. Or, to look at it another way, if Lincecum downs that 3,150-calorie spread on a quotidian basis, imagine what he'd do if enhanced with the munchies.    

Far be it from us to offer Lincecum any advice on or off the diamond -- apparently he knows his way around the burger joint pretty well. But we'd be remiss if we didn't note how apropos it would be for Lincecum to attempt to hit for the cycle in a future trip to In-N-Out.

This feat would consist of downing a single-single, double-double, triple-triple, and quadruple-quadruple. That'd be 10 patties as opposed to the six he normally devours. So perhaps he could have a light breakfast that day.

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h. brown
h. brown


I don't care if he eats live snakes and washes them down with Grandma's Moonshine as long as he throws the way he does.

Go Giants!


Joe Eskenazi
Joe Eskenazi

H. --

Amen to that. Though snakes and moonshine might have more nutritional value.



Glad I'm not alone in the high calories dept. Doesn't feel too bad now after I eat 2 double double, fries and milkshake.

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