Taiwanese Company Releases Animation of Teen Jumping Off Golden Gate Bridge (Video)

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Iconic ... for many reasons
Last week, SF Weekly told readers about an audacious high school teen who jumped nearly 200 feet from the Golden Gate Bridge "for kicks."

The kid survived, and the story went viral -- so much so that a foreign media company released a video animation with its own spin on the March 9 event.

Next Media Animation -- which is known for its satirical video animations on popular news, including Charlie Sheen's rants --  has created an entertaining video showing the Windsor High School teen jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge.

Watch below.

Company representatives told SF Weekly in an e-mail that the whole point of the video is to draw people's attention to the not-so-bright idea while giving viewers a more "well-rounded" version of what happened that day.

And hopefully, draw a few chuckles in the process.

The company definitely caught our attention -- especially with the details. The 1-minute clip gives viewers a mix of colorful narrative and commentary on American society that you don't want to miss, including references to Baywatch

It shows a huddle of bratty teens gathered at the top of the Golden Gate Bridge, egging-on their classmate to jump. The boy hops over the ledge, one foot at a time, and is confronted by San Francisco's notoriously pesky pigeons as he prepares to make the leap.

Once he makes his big splash, he starts yelling for help. But the lifeguard on shore snoozes in the sun with a cheeseburger in his lap.

It then takes on a more serious tone, tracing the "jumper" problem all the way to the 1940s.

It first gives us a black-and-white depiction of a man in a suit and tie; next, it shows a disco dude from the 1970s making the leap from the edge, and later viewers see an attempted suicide from the 1990s. 

A girl wearing a Nirvana t-shirt, shakes her head, as if distraught, then jumps.

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