SFPD Perjury Scandal: 'Police, Lies, and Videotape'

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Public Defender Jeff Adachi
The San Francisco Police Department said it would expand its review of alleged officer misconduct in several narcotics arrests after defense attorneys revealed more video footage today they say contradicts sworn statements made by officers in police reports.

It was the third instance of video footage -- all culled from surveillance cameras at the Henry Hotel, a residential hotel on Sixth Street's skid row -- appearing to contradict officers' accounts of how drug seizures unfolded. Public Defender Jeff Adachi, holding a press conference today with private defense attorney Scott Sugarman, whose client's arrest was captured on the latest tape, dubbed the widening scandal "Police, Lies, and Videotape."

Matt Gonzalez, chief attorney for the Public Defender's office, said the pattern of police behavior revealed in the videos "goes beyond" the Southern station's plainclothes unit, which has been shut down as the SFPD investigates the incidents.

"We're just starting, I think, to scratch the surface," he said.

"We know there's this disturbing pattern of conduct," Gonzalez added.

The video released today shows Sugarman's client walking into the Henry Hotel in a dark jacket on Dec. 2, 2010. Police later arrested him in one of the building's rooms, claiming that a white jacket with cocaine in it belonged to him. The case against the man was dismissed on Dec. 22, after Sugarman said he "had a long conversation" with the deputy district attorney assigned to the case about the video footage.

However, speaking to reporters this afternoon, Sharon Woo, chief of operations for DA George Gascón, said the case had been dropped because of reluctance to expose a confidential informant who had helped officers make the arrest.

"The decision not to proceed on the case didn't have anything to do with this video," she said.

Lt. Troy Dangerfield, spokesman for the SFPD, said the department had "just received" the video footage from Sugarman's case and that it "will be turned over to internal affairs," which is investigating the other incidents.

The FBI also announced last week that it is looking into officers' conduct in light of the videotapes.

The public defender's office also announced today that the DA's office had dropped a Dec. 12 drug-bust case that involved some of the officers in the videos that surfaced last week. The six officers involved -- Raul Elias, Robert Forneris, Raymond Kane, Arthur Madrid, Arshad Razzak, and Richard Yick -- have been placed on desk duty while the investigation unfolds.

Dangerfield said he was not sure whether additional officers in the video tape released today would likewise be removed from street duty.

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 What happened to respecting and being grateful  to those who put their lives on the line to serve and protect, these drug dealers/users are destroying out country, our children are dying, we have become a different culture of, entitlement, no accountability, the "good" guy, in this case the Police, are held to such a high standard, and the criminal is allowed to slander, try and injure, sometimes kill these good servants of our country, and those who promote, and support the criminal in these type of crimes, are themselves also responsible for the loss of llfe, safety, of the decent hard working God fearing people of this country. Lets support our Police, lets help them do their jobs, lets make this country safe for our people to walk, work, live safely in this country... Stand up for what is good in this country not whats illegal, and wrong, and sick!  Thank You a proud US citizen.EW


These guys are worse than the people they're allegedly protecting us from.

Throw them in the slammer, the sooner the better.


What more evidence does the chief of police need, to see that this group of "officers" SNAKED their way into every single one of these cases recorded on video? Not only do the recordings prove that police reports were fabricated, but they have CRYSTAL CLEAR surveillance of officers trying to conceal their invasions by covering the camera up, unlawfully kicking down a man's door with no permission to search, and smirking about it as he does it... and these are the guys that get to claim title of "authority"? These are the people that are "protecting" citizens? I see absolutely no motion by these people to "protect" or "serve"... all I see is violation, violation, and perjury.These are not law officers. These are deceiving , victory-hungry crooks doing whatever they can to "up" their next paycheck. They don't deserve a paycheck in the first place. Time for the chief of police to take serious action and deal with reality.

h. brown
h. brown


The cops violated the Constitution of the United States of America. Ever been there?

go Giants!



Boy these cops are so guilty why even write anymore about them. The papers have told us all we need to hear. So many cases dismissed because ??? Because ?? I want to know. They don't ever give one specific reason. "The disturbing pattern of conduct"....?

Please tell me exactly what these cops did that was wrong and unlawful. I can't get disturbed until you let me know what they did wrong. The videos show me nothing. The fact that cases get dismissed tells me nothing either. Where is the pattern that disturbs? What did they do? I want to be entertained and I am not getting anything but grandstanding by these two guys from the Public Defender's office. They are not entertaining enough for the story to go further. Where's the corpus?

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