Party On! Federal Bureacrats to Get Higher Per Diem When Traveling to S.F.

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Federal bureaucrats traveling to San Francisco will be getting a little extra cash to wine and dine themselves.

Feds will soon be allowed to spend $221 a day on food, drink, and hotels -- money that's coming from taxpayers, according to the General Services Administration, which sets reimbursement rates for federal travel.

The old daily rate of $213 expires March 31, after which point workers on the federal payroll will get up to $150 for a night in a hotel, and $71 each day for food, which by the way, could feed a small village in Africa.

But because we want our industrious bureaucrats probably aren't going to be dining out at Denny's, we've suggested spending that money at some local favorites.

SFoodie Editor John Birdsall recommended a morning breakfast at Blue Bottle in the Ferry Building -- and what visitor from Bethesda doesn't like watching ships move across The Bay?

There, Yogurt with Persimmon Compote and Toasted Walnuts will cost you $5. Caramelized Belgian Style Waffles will go for $3; and a cup of espresso from the Idrocompresso machine will cost $2.50.

For lunch, Birdsall suggested Mixt Greens, where a "bachelor" salad goes for $12. It includes --  no surprise here --  mixed greens, grilled prime flat iron, blue cheese, herb-roasted potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and balsamic vinaigrette -- topped with caramelized onions.

Peach-infused, iced green tea is a bargain at $2.

For dinner, Birdsall suggested that traveling-bureaucrats go to Barbacco, where lamb spezzatino with greens, corona beans, chili and grilled filone costs $15, a chef's selection of salumi fatto a mano is another $11.

And if you still have some money left over -- tip well!

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