Road Rage Turns into Just Plain Rage; Driver Beats Woman in Excelsior

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Speeding + beating = road rage
A road rage incident quickly became just rage when a speeding driver beat a woman and her boyfriend walking through the Excelsior neighborhood earlier this week.

At about 6:30 a.m., the couple was walking across the street at Persia Avenue and Madrid Street when a driver speeding in a green car swerved passed them. The woman looked at the driver and yelled out "whoa."

The driver then made a U-turn, stopped the car, got out, and started beating the woman, according to police reports.

The passenger of the car also got out and jumped in on the attack, punching the woman. The victim's boyfriend tried to help her, but the men punched him and broke his nose.
Both suspects got back into the car and sped off.

And to prove that criminals are not that bright, one of the men left his driver's license and DMV papers on the street where the beating had occurred.

The couple grabbed the papers and called police, who were able to broadcast the name of at least one of the suspects. Both men were quickly found, in what cops are calling "the best arrest of the day."

And probably also the easiest arrest of the day.

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Why does there have to be a gun in that picture? There were no reports of a gun involved.


Duh, all internet news sites have a requirement of using a pointless stock image whenever they have no actual imagery related to the story.


And why are people always picking on caution signs? The story gave no indication that there was a caution sign at the scene of the crime, but as soon as people hear about a violent incident, they start thinking "oh, sure, you just know there had to be a caution sign nearby."

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