Jeff Adachi Wants District Attorney To ID All Cases Involving Henry Hotel Officers

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On the prowl for cases to get dismissed.
Is this Debbie Madden, Part Deux?

Public Defender Jeff Adachi sent a letter to District Attorney George Gascón today asking for a list of all the arrests, incidents, police reports, and just about everything else involving the eight officers tied to the controversial raid of Henry Hotel.

The request is an effort to identify other cases that might have been compromised by the involvement of the besmirched officers, who are now being investigated by both the District Attorney and the FBI.

The growing scandal -- which Adachi dubbed Police, Lies, and Videotape -- broke last week when the public defender presented the media with surveillance footage that he argued showed a number of officers searching rooms in the Henry Hotel without warrants. He accuses the officers of  then falsifying police reports to justify the alleged illegal search.

Another video - all available on the public defender's YouTube channel - shows the plainclothes officers conducting a search at the Royan Hotel on Valencia Street on New Year's Eve.

Prosecutors have now dismissed at least 13 cases that involved the officers, according to information compiled by the public defender's office. That includes eight dismissed today: Two cases concerning the controversial Robbery Abatement Team operations, one auto burglary case, and five drug possession and sales cases.

The consequences of the Henry Hotel -- a residential hotel on Sixth Street -- drama hasn't reached anywhere near the catastrophic proportions of the fallout from last year's crime lab scandal, where narcotics lab worker Debbie Madden admitted to skimming drugs she was supposed to be testing. That fallout from that included the dismissal of hundreds of drug cases.

But it's still early. Adachi said in his letter Tuesday he's looking for "legal remedies" for his clients, and if that includes every case all eight officers have ever touched, this scandal is only getting started.

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