FBI Takes Over Police Misconduct Investigation from DA George Gascón

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District Attorney George Gascón said today that he is turning over his office's investigation into alleged police misconduct to FBI agents and the U.S. Attorney's office.

Following a press conference, Gascón issued a statement that U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag "has agreed to take over the full investigation" into whether police conducted improper searches for narcotics at the Henry Hotel and later committed perjury by lying about the searches in written reports.

The FBI had previously announced that it was conducting its own investigation into the incidents.

Gascón had drawn criticism from Public Defender Jeff Adachi -- who first revealed video footage contradicting officers' accounts of the searches to reporters last week -- for deciding to conduct an investigation of officers' conduct within his own office, rather than outsourcing the inquiry to an independent agency. Gascón was chief of the SFPD at the time of some of the incidents, creating a potential conflict of interest.

Dozens of cases involving the officers caught on video at the Henry Hotel have been dropped since the footage surfaced.

Adachi said today that while he thinks Gascón made a good decision by handing over the investigation to outside officials, he has concerns about how open the U.S. Attorney's office and FBI will be with their findings.

"Now that this is in the hands of the FBI, the assumption is that this will be an independent investigation," Adachi told SF Weekly. Yet he also said he has a "concern" that "there would be less transparency if it's the FBI. I would hope that's not the case."

Said Adachi, "The local DA has an obligation toward the citizens of the city. You don't have that same level of accountability with the US attorney, who is a federal official and is appointed."

Here is the full statement sent out by Gascón:

"When we first became aware of the allegations against San Francisco police officers involved in arrests at the Henry Hotel, I directed my office to open an investigation into the officers and their alleged conduct. New information has come to light that indicates it is better to turn over this investigation to the FBI.

I have spoken to the U.S. Attorney, Melinda Haag, and she has agreed to take over the full investigation. We will of course cooperate fully with the FBI, and provide whatever assistance they need from us."

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Mou Albert
Mou Albert

oh my god....as if it wasn't already bad....now this biotch??  Looks like another victory for Crooked Pig Son of a Bitches....and what has the FBI and Federal Government done about the failure of the Oakland Police Department to make court-ordered changes designed to reduce police misconduct and abuse?? little or nothing---sad---because we are still trying to bring peace (through force) to other sovereign nations when we can't even bring peace to our own streets and neighborhoods....


Perhaps the DOJ needs to look into why SF County is paying Goodwill Industries several hundred thousand dollars through the DA's budget. Perhaps we should look into connections as to why the DA is filing judgments for DCSS, when the DA plays no role enforcing orders. Families are starving and we are losing teachers and family support left and right, yet the DA refuses to investigate the Superior Court who has liens on nonprofits like Kids'Turn where the judges sit on the executive board.

This is an election issue for sure.


In general I trust the FBI. But government agents who put American-Japanese mothers fathers and children in camps in 1941-47 make me not trust all of them. Mostly the FBI agents are great, but the politicians who make policy are less good.


As for accountability ; having the FBI conduct it will help circumvent the 'P.C.' pressures that would be exerted on an investigative body , locally , by the city agencies and the 'professional left' here , in general. Plus San Francisco's thumbed it's nose at the Federal Government for quite some time now where illegal immigration issues , etc. , are concerned and the FBI is a federal agency of government. As the replicant said to Harrison Ford in movie the Blade Runner ; "Time to die!!"

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