Pelosi Called 'Sick Woman' By Former GOP Candidate Carl Paladino

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We get don't like Pelosi
Defunct New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino made the unfortunate and embarrassing mistake of hitting send on an e-mail where he called Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi a "sick woman."

In that scenario, there's only two things to do: apologize or get defensive. And you can only guess which route the confrontational Paladino took.

It started on Thursday when the San Francisco Democrat carpet-bombed Capitol Hill with an e-mail asking for support of public employees in Wisconsin who are in a standoff with Gov. Scott Walker over a proposal to scrap collective bargaining.

"Here in Washington, House Republicans are actively backing Governor Walker and his claim that working families are responsible for our current deficit," Pelosi wrote to Democratic contributors, which included the incendiary Paladino, who has backed candidates from both parties in the past.

Paladino quickly wrote back: "U r a sick woman Nancy."
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Sick...of Republicans

The message was reportedly meant for Pelosi, but Paladino unwittingly sent it to a general email box maintained by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.


Although the fiery Paladino was hardly sorry. He tells that he is just plain annoyed with Pelosi's solicitation e-mails.

"I get 'em all the time... I can't believe they send out this stuff!" he said.

Paladino then continued his rant but turned it toward New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who beat Paladino last year in the governor's race.

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Carl your heart is in the right place, Support those Wisconsin State Workers but I think the term you meant to use is -rich woman- an over the top -rich woman-

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Seems to me like someone is experiencing some anger at not being elected governor of NY last November. As for those email solicitations, if Paladino thinks he's upset at receiving one from Mrs. Pelosi, his disgust isn't anywhere near the level of disgust I felt at receiving a fundraising email from the McCain/Palin campaign in 2008. I've never been able to figure out how they got my email address in the first place! I've been a liberal since I cast my first vote in1972, and I still haven't gotten over the idea that McCain/Palin thought I'd give them one red penny of my hard earned income. Ugh.


I think whats worse is that a GOP candidate used said "U R". Thats far more embarrassing.

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