Obama to Stop in S.F. on April 20 as Part of Presidential Campaign Kickoff

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Remember this day?
We told SF Weekly readers earlier this month that President Barack Obama was planning another trip to San Francisco in April. At the time, White House officials were evasive about the president's trip, claiming he was coming here to talk shop, although we ventured to guess it was more about raising money.

Turns out we were right

Obama will definitely be here on Wednesday, April 20 -- to raise money. Media outlets are reporting that the president is having a major fundraiser here as well as planning a stop through the Peninsula to shake down South Bay donors for cash.

This trip will be Obama's third stop to San Francisco since October. In February, he dined with powerful high-tech executives in Silicon Valley, including Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

And while we were curious as to why Obama would be returning here again so soon, it now makes sense. He is planning to traverse the Democrat-rich California next month, when he is also expected to announce his candidacy for re-election in 2012

We suppose that is, technically, talking shop.

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This guy needs to keep his butt in Washington- instead of fliting all over on OUR MONEY. This guy has gotta GO. To Kenya would be nice


Nice grammar, Hedgehog. I doubt any of your money will be used for this trip. I'm sure your minimum wage goes to support a ream of paper. Why don't you go back to...well, I'm sure you are a hopeless mutt. The pound maybe?


He's coming on 4/20 to raise money? Is he raising money to buy pot?

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