Muni Promises an Evening Commute Free of Delays

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New look, old technology
If you are checking back to see what Muni has in store for the evening commute, officials tell us not to fret -- the train ride home will run like butter.

"We running a normal schedule now and the afternoon commute should be a lot faster and a lot less crowded," said Paul Rose, spokesman for the MTA.

Muni officials say they have fixed the mechanical problem that slowed trains at the Embarcadeo station for almost two hours this morning. It affected trains across the city, causing up to 20 minute delays and leaving as many as 150 passengers waiting for a train at Church and Market Streets.

The mechanical trouble started at about 8:30 a.m. when a signal cable was severed, Rose said.
Muni deployed shuttles as an alternative to get passengers to work at a decent time, Rose said.

Rose claims today's mechanical problem was isolated from yesterday's technical difficulties; On Monday trains were delayed thanks to a  "disturbed block" which is too complicated to explain here, but in short: something broke.

Just wait until tomorrow.

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