Muni Chief Nat Ford Is Here to Stay ... for Now

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Not going anywhere ... just yet
Will Nat Ford leave San Francisco or will he stay? The suspense has finally come to an end, as it appears the Muni chief won't be packing his bags anytime soon.

Instead, Ford will be lugging his suitcases back from D.C. where he has been this week while transit officials there discussed whether or not to hire away Muni's chief executive.

Media outlets are reporting that Ford was not offered the job to head the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. After a closed-door meeting this morning, officials with the Washington transit agency emerged from the room only to tell him that they have decided to postpone making a decision.

The airports authority operates the Dulles International and Reagan national airports as well as a toll road and construction of a Metrorail extension.

Does this mean Ford is no longer in the running? Who knows.

A spokesman for the authority told reporters this morning that he couldn't answer that question just yet.

Ford, who earns $308,000 annually and has the highest salary on the city payroll, will resume his job in San Francisco.

For now.
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they did something SF does not-a background investigationBanish him to ride the 38 Geary !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


after looking at recent events, as well as his record, was this a shock?


Rat crap! Give Nat the job so us San Franciscans can end the suffering.

h. brown
h. brown

Agree with MrEricSir,

They must have talked to Atlanta. It does surprise me though, give Feinstein's clout.

Giants 15-5


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