Lyndon LaRouche Volunteers Display Obama as Hitler Signs. Did San Francisco Notice?

Barack "Hitler" Obama will destroy California via earthquakes.

We popped out of the SF Weekly offices to run into Safeway at Fourth and King streets this afternoon, when we noticed two overly cheerful young people staffing a Lyndon LaRouche table outside the grocery store.

Or, to be more precise, we noticed their sign, which featured President Barack Obama with a Hitler mustache across his upper lip.

Admittedly, we were curious to why these folks had descended upon a liberal bastion like San Francisco. So we stopped and chatted with the two young distinctly polite LaRouchePAC workers, both of whom didn't want to be named.

The two young volunteers manning their booth.
Obama, explained a young woman with tidy braids, was failing to protect us from imminent earthquakes by not preparing us with the needed "infrastructure." And this, she said, was despite repeated warnings from the Russians that an earthquake is on its way.

"We're shutting down programs to send manned satellites into space," explained her male compatriot.

The satellites, he said, could help us predict earthquakes, which was ever more important, "after what happened in Japan."

Obama, he continued, is "destroying what makes the human species unique from all other forms of life," and "condemning the human species" by failing to adequately prepare California, and the United States, for a large earthquake.

Building up steam, he said, Obama was failing to invest in research that would shed light on how the solar activity relates to tectonic activity.

"We know there's a correlation, but we don't know what," he said.

So we had to ask: When is the big earthquake coming? "We don't know the exact date," the man admitted. But we kept pressing him, because, well, we want to know.

"Everyone thinks it will happen in 2013," he finally said.

So then we brought the conversation full-circle and asked why a Hitler stache was scrawled across President Obama's photo? And why the calls to invoke the 25th Amendment, which deals with the succession of a sitting U.S. President?

"We don't think Obama should be impeached," the young man explained. "We just think he should be removed."

While other LaRouche volunteers have reportedly been physically threatened after displaying similar signs comparing Obama to the genocidal German dictator, the young man said he's gotten a positive response from people passing through San Francisco's Mission Bay district.

"Everyone has been really nice so far," he said cheerfully. "Even people within the city."

Which makes sense when you think about it. San Francisco has adopted Frank Chu as its unofficial mascot, made the World Famous Bushman a tourist attraction, and bemusedly watches local nudists Lloyd and Rusty strut their stuff through the Castro.

If there's one thing we love, it's the blithely bizarre, no matter how offensive it might be.

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I encountered these impolite LaRouche individuals over this summer at UC Berkeley. They were very aggressive and rude. At one point, they were yelling at passerbys:  "Hey, get off your f---ing phone and talk to us!" and "Hey, a--holes, don't you care about your country?" With such hostile and impolite behavior, they did not win many individuals to their cause. They only succeeded in alienating the passing students. Regardless of your political beliefs, you should show common courtesy towards other people.


The same asshats were on 24th St. this morning.  LaRouchies in Noe Valley, whoda thunk it?


LaRouche'ites' seem to be forward looking and 'progressive' in an F.D.R. sort ofway.... Lyndon LaRouche , as a young man , had once been a member of the AmericanCommunist Party , if I remember right but never a 'righty' as are Tea Partyers who routinely display the Obama/Hitler sign.


LaRouche is a cult leader. He actually has weekend camps where his supporters are brainwashed -- I wish I was making this up.

What's perhaps even weirder is those fliers they're always handing out and/or trying to sell you. They cover everything from why we should be building MagLev trains to the theory that Leibniz invented calculus on his own and Newton stole the credit from him. How any of the babble in those pamphlets is supposed to be related to modern politics in America is anyone's guess.

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