Public Defender Jeff Adachi Takes on Police Chief Jeff Godown ... in the Press

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Public Defender Jeff Adachi is good at a lot of things -- well great, actually, but he is especially talented at riling up the SFPD, maybe even more so than former District Attorney Kamala Harris.

As evidenced by this morning when Police Chief Jeff Godown called his own press conference to ward off those negative comments Adachi made about the department after a judge dismissed a drug case yesterday, alleging police misconduct. 

In short, Godown defended his cops, essentially saying that dismissing that drug case was a crock. But then a few hours later, Adachi fired off his own terse response to Godown's response.

"Chief Godown should read the transcript of his
officers' testimony before saying that they did nothing wrong," Adachi says in a statement.
Adachi went on to say that "illegal searches and fabricating police reports" are systematic problem at the SFPD.

And he doesn't stop there. The public defender says it's unclear why the chief of police will not agree to a zero-tolerance policy for officers who lie under oath.

"Chief Godown is relatively new and must come to terms that there is a crisis on his hands. The people of San Francisco deserve solutions, not denials," Adachi says.


Godown, it's your turn.

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say what
say what

SFPD does have a zero tolerance policy after Gascon came in. It's called the Brady policy. Department sent out a bulletin stating if you lie, you can't testify again, and if you can't testify, you cant be a cop anymore.

And per the Chronicle, apparently that Wenzell guy signed a "consent to search" form. May explain why the DA's office is pissed at the judge. Liberal town, liberal judges.

h. brown
h. brown


Take this back just a couple of years when we wouldn't have had videos ("Let's go to the videooooo!!") of what really happened. Everyone would have automatically believed the cops? Oh yeah. Now, in the face of videos proving them to be liars their Dodger-loving chief asks us to disbelieve our own eyes?

You're a liar, Acting Chief Godown.

Your officers are liars.

You're a good fit.

Go Giants!

Adachi for Mayor!!



Adachi appears to bitch slapping the SFPD in the PR department.


It's not out of line to call the Chief on his response to problems within the SFFD.

Other responsible, so called leaders, of this City should have been in front of the line voicing criticism, however.

Again, pure evidence of who is afraid of whom in this town.

Bravo Adachi, again and again.

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