Japan Relief Auction Stunts We'd Like to See

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We'd buy that for a dollar...
As reported earlier on this page, our Board of Supervisors raised $11,000 for Japan -- and did so by doing what it would do anyway.

David Chiu was going to ride his bike. Now he gets some company, and $250 goes to disaster relief. Eric Mar was going to go to the Academy of Sciences (and, surely, Facebook it). Now he has a pal. And, Jane Kim, who dresses like she's going to go to a night on the town during supes' meetings, was going to go to a night on the town. Now someone is paying $1,300 to the needy in order to tag along.

Good show on behalf of our elected leaders. But we can't help but think there are things the general public might have paid even a bit more dearly for. To wit:

A trip to McDonald's with Eric Mar (during which Gabriel Haaland will tell him what to order);

A lecture on pension and health care obligations from Sean Elsbernd. Extra if he signs the spreadsheets;

An incredibly awkward game of one-on-one basketball with Scott Wiener;

A chance to have Mark Farrell invest your money for you;

A shopping expedition for men's vests with Ross Mirkarimi;

Violin lessons from David Chiu;

Ed Lee Mustache.jpg
Ed! The Norelco people are on line one!
An after-hours excursion with David Campos and John Avalos to leave a flaming bag of dogshit on David Chiu's doorstep;

Drinking games with Malia Cohen and Carmen Chu;

And, finally, how much money -- for a good cause -- would it take to get Mayor Ed Lee to shave off that 'stache?

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h. brown
h. brown

That's cold about Mar and Haaland,

Actually, I think it's more likely that Rose Pak has the most influence with Eric. Who, if I say to myself, has been showing some daylight between himself and the cartel that gave us Ed Lee as Mayor.

The thing that's missing from the new Board is a real ideologue. The right wing has simply 'rolled' the few remaining Board Progressives. They've all folded. Campos and Avalos and Mirkarimi give a few cautious criticisms (not many) at outrageous deals such as the Larry Ellison giveaways and then vote in favor of them. The echo in the Board chambers these days is the same ringing 4 words: "Same house, same call!". Sad shit.

Belt hit a homer and drove in 3 runs last evening.



I still don't get paying $1300 for an evening with Kim. There's much cheaper alternatives in the back of the SF Weekly.

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