iPhone 5 Gets New Antenna Design; No More Dropped Calls ... Hopefully

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The next generation
To this day, one of the most widely read blogs on SF Weekly is a July 2010 story on whether Steve Jobs knew the iPhone 4 antenna was a lemon all along. And for good reason -- people are still pissed.

But they might be somewhat delighted to hear that reports and rumors circulating the Internet today say the iPhone 5 will have a new antenna design, which means no more dropped calls.

We hope.

The antenna will be placed just behind the Apple logo, allowing for a cleaner and clearer signal.

The new design resolves other complaints among users. According to a Chinese-language blog, which has been translated into English, the new iPhone 5 will not only have a workable antenna, but engineers have swapped out the rear glass surface for aluminum -- similar to the iPod touch.

That should take care of the cracking and scratching problems, a source of user frustration.

But these are just rumors; users will have a much better sense of what the phone can and cannot do for them when it's released later this summer.

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