Gloating 101: What Banners to Fly Over Dodgers Stadium Tonight

Joe Eskenazi
Don't stop believing (or rubbing their face in it).
​It's been four months and 29 days since millions of Giants fans and players paraded through the Orange and Black-decked arteries of San Francisco, dangling red thongs, airing Prop 19-related grievances, spraying champagne, and raging in ways few bearded men have raged.

Yet we're still fairly new at this gloating thing, evidenced by a group of Giants fans -- calling themselves F*ck Yeah! SHUT UP! -- who plan to fly a plane over Dodger Stadium today with a banner that reads: "Giants 2010 Champs: BEAT LA."

This could go down as one of the boldest gloats in sports history, but it could still be better. Here are a few other ideas for the banner that could work -- or instigate a civil war in California.

Dodger fans: you're not #Winning

Aren't California divorce laws a bitch? (Or: Jamie McCourt never loved the Dodgers)

Kempwood just doesn't have the same ring as Mannywood

It doesn't work when you all wear thongs

I can see the smog of Orange County from up here

This plane will leave in the 6th inning with Dodger fans

Tommy Lasorda is turning in his grave... Wait, he's not dead yet?

In-N-Out's stock is plummeting now that Panda's on a diet

Pat Burrell has slept with more women than Mickey Rourke

Timmy said NorCal has better weed than you do, and he would know

Zito would be your opening day starter -- and bat 8th

While this might be admittedly a little cruel, remember: they'd do the same to us in a heartbeat. The San Fransisco Giants take on the Los Angeles Dodgers tonight at 5 p.m.

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