Gavin Newsom Planning a Run for Governor -- Surprise, Surprise

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Gav for gov: take 2
Chronicle duo Matier & Ross today gave us the scoop -- Gavin Newsom is planning a run for governor.

Even though it doesn't feel like news to us, we were still intrigued by the column, which cites an anonymous source who said Newsom had recently asked him for money to help with a renewed bid for governor.

Well, what else does Newsom have to do in his free time between making YouTube videos  and shopping for baby clothes, but plan for his next big move?

Someone as politically ambitious and obsessed as Newsom is not going to make lieutenant governor his final stop. After being elected to his current post, he admitted that he was already thinking about higher office, including another run for governor.

According to the Chronicle, he has already opened a re-election campaign for 2014, and he could easily transfer that money into a future exploratory campaign for governor.

But until that dream becomes reality, Newsom will just have to settle for his current post, which includes delivering the keynote address at the less notable ACI National Home Performance Conference this morning.

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Some people run to win, devoting time, energy, resources and vast amount of money as well as those of their supports. Others run to lose by being distracted, pouting, worrying more about their image, hair (john edwards) etc... and then there's newsom: running a semi-celebrity clown. Expounding good legitimate and often fanciful ideas but zero follow through.

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