'Pit Fix Month' Starts Now; Shelters Will Spay and Neuter Your Pup -- For Free

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The San Francisco Animal Care & Control decided one way deal with dog overcrowding was to ship a bunch of Chihuahuas off to New York City. But even then, they admitted that won't make a blip in the pet overpopulation problem in San Francisco.

"We will send 12 off tomorrow and we will probably have another 12 arrive at the shelter by the end of the week," ACC spokeswoman Deb Campbell told SF Weekly earlier this week.

But another animal shelter -- the San Francisco SPCA -- has decided to use a different approach to help resolve the pet overpopulation: Offer free spay and neuter procedures. 

Unfortunately, only those of you with pit bulls or pit mixes can get the surgeries. The shelter is only offering the free fixes to pits since that breed makes up 60 percent of all dogs euthanized in San Francisco.

The spay and neuter surgeries are done on a first-come, first-served basis. Once the 150 slots are filled, the procedures will cost, but they must be done since the city has made it illegal to have a pit bull that isn't fixed.

"We hope to reduce the number of pits that wind up in our shelters and raise awareness of the need for responsible pet guardianship," said Jennifer Scarlett, co-president of the San Francisco SPCA.

In San Francisco, euthanasia has dropped by as much as 4 percent for dogs, according to the SPCA. That's in part because of the shelter's aggressive messaging on spaying and neutering. Still, 129 dogs and cats were euthanized at the shelter in 2009.

And let's face it, it's much more humane to just emasculate your pup.

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Time to start spaying the nippy yappy purse pup chihuahuas.......

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