Knife-Wielding Man Gets Parking Ticket, Then Punctures Tire of DPT Vehicle

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Does this count as double-parking?
One man's parking ticket quickly turned into jail time after he lost his composure and stabbed a Department of Parking and Traffic vehicle after getting cited for illegally parking.

Police were responding to reports of the vandalism on the 4600 block of Mission Street earlier this week when they saw a man in his car, double-parked. The officers asked the guy to move, but he decided he was above the law and ignored them.

The cops went back to deal with the unruly driver, but as they made their way to his car, the man quickly pulled into an open parking space.

He was now legally parked. But they decided to talk to him anyway.

That's when a nearby DPT employee intervened, telling the cops that the driver was the same man who had vandalized her vehicle after she wrote him a ticket for double-parking.

The DPT employee told police that after writing his ticket, she pulled forward in her vehicle, stopped, and got out to cite another parked car. That's when the man came up to her three-wheeler and stuck a knife into the rear tire, according to police reports.

Police searched the man and found a knife in his pocket. The man was arrested on suspicion of puncturing the DPT tire, then cited for vandalism of city property.

And he still is on the hook for that parking ticket.

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Traffic ticket Toronto
Traffic ticket Toronto

 This guy must spend a few days in jail and also take some anger management lessons. I don't understand what he did.....even if he was frustrated ...just go home and break something to chill...Such a person shouldn't drive again because we never know when he can be involved in a car crash and beat other drivers just because he's angry....


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Understand his frustration and damaging public property? If you're frustrated with traffic, parking and fees, WALK or take public transportation.


Free this guy, honestly. How about DPT go do something constructive? What a bunch of pricks. Absolutely understand his frustration.

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