District Attorney Throws Out 57 Cases After Henry Hotel Scandal, Cops Pissed

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Gascón's former underlings are not so happy with his 57 case dismissals.
So it looks like, in the annals of San Francisco law enforcement history, the Henry Hotel scandal will not rank anywhere near the Debbie Madden catastrophe in terms of the number of cases the district attorney had to throw out like spoiled goods.

District Attorney George Gascón announced at a press conference Wednesday that he will dismiss 57 cases thanks to the officers who are caught up in allegations of misconduct in a raid of several rooms at the residential hotel along a seedy stretch of Sixth Street.

Fifteen of those cases have already been dismissed, and the rest will be dropped today.

Last week, Public Defender Jeff Adachi released video footage of the raid; Adachi accused the eight officers of then falsifying information on police reports after conducting warrantless searches without consent of apartment dwellers. He dubbed the scandal "Police, Lies, and Videotape."

Suffice to say, SFPD is slightly pissed about the whole thing.
Of course, the fallout of this mini-scandal ranks nowhere near the hundreds of cases that had to be jettisoned last year in a historic crime lab scandal in which a drug lab technician admitted to skimming cocaine from samples she was supposed to be testing.  

But politically, it does call for reforms. DA Gascón, who was chief of police at the time of the drug busts, today announced there will be changes to clean-up the SFPD's search warrant protocols.

He said he will concede to interim Chief Jeffrey Godown's request to have attorneys train officers on Fourth Amendment procedures, and to have an assistant district attorney available 24-7 to review search warrant requests.

The whole scandal has pissed off some cops, says one a veteran cop who attended the police academy with two of the accused officers. He talked to SF Weekly candidly in exchange for anonymity.

"As far as dudes being sloppy in attempting to arrest someone, I don't see how that meets the standard of such accused corruption...Those guys, they work really hard and care about their jobs, it's a big blow to morale to see them so immediately vilified," he said.

"If these guys are cutting corners and not going about things the right legal way, that sucks and maybe they should be reprimanded. But police work and plainclothes work is not black and white -- you have to be creative to be effective," he tells us.

The eight officers are still under investigation by both the DA and the FBI. The SFPD source said they should have waited until there were conclusive findings in the investigation before dismissing dozens of cases. 

"As a San Franciscan, I think it's pretty troubling that people walk on cases before something has been investigated," the officer said. "It's a bummer to see all those cases dismissed. It was kind of depressing. I guarantee there's other police departments in America where far worse things happen and nobody bats an eye."

Of course, the relationship between cops, who arrest suspects, and the public defender, who tries to get suspects acquitted, has always been tense. And that relationship was soured even more when Adachi tried to cut city workers' pensions with his 2010 Prop B ballot measure that failed at the polls.

The current Henry Hotel drama has been poisonous to the relationship between cops and the public defender. Sgt. Carl T (there's a whole back story to that name) accused Adachi of grandstanding:

"He's got a hard-on for the cops, and it doesn't bode well for him because he's using us for his own political grandstanding. I think he's a snake. I think he's sleazy," Carl T. says.

Of course in politics, it always goes both ways.

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Jon Smiff
Jon Smiff

Amazing what the police can accomplish when they choose not to follow that pesky Bill of Rights and that G-D piece of paper (as G. W. Bush articulated so well) also know as the Constitution.


mike kirkviolating peoples human rights and civil liberties is a far greater crime,then doing drugs at the henry hotel on 6th st .shame on those cops, they knew they were violating those peoples rights,they just did'nt give a shit! they wanted to make their own rules.they should apolagize by saying,dear citazins of sf (all of you) us police officers,are so sorry we violated several peoples civil liberties.it was rude and disrespectful, from now on we will never again do this bullshit, because it is in such bad taste and it is really uncool to ignore peoples basic human rights no matter what. us cops deserve your respect,and that aint no way to get it.peace


Arg. Kudos LeapoldW!

I truly desire a protective force that I can call upon when in danger to aid me and my loved ones. But every single, individual, police officer in the US, seems corrupted in some way by our drug war. The fault is not their own. As living beings their best interest is to see to their best interest. But as cognizant humans, it is a reprehensible story.

I propose an alienation of invasion forces. Polls indicate the majority of American citizens favor the legalization of cannabis, yet we have an army in place to prevent that. An army not subject to states laws, not considerate of executive orders, an army that kills and violates the people it claims to protect. So I propose what may seem a weak offense: The Cold Shoulder.

In many ways it's like a boycott (which has almost never worked so off-the-bat I'm having pipe-dreams). It is based on the way Christians spread their own mental illness (if you are Christian, goddamn-it I'm sry, but precisely as much as i need them, I fucking hate christians, i can't keep my fingers from keeping my tongue in cheek!). You see Christians had this wacky idea that an imaginary friend of theirs ruled the cosmos and that upon death they would receive all they had deprived themselves of in real life, these assholes were called "Spiritual" (not just "Christian" they ranged from delusion to delusion). I'm getting off topic.

While Christianity seems nuts to us educated real humans, it seemed plausible to Romans who thought the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius was due to the wrath of some anthropomorphic omniscient deity... boy were they off! As am I off topic.

When Christians were seeking trade partners further North up the Danube and into the Baltics they demanded that they only trade with fellow believers in the myth of jesus. And so erstwhile stalwart pagans became Christians to do business and enforced this business-based belief on their subjects.

So I submit, a metaphor: Cops are Pagans, Cannabis advocates are Christians.

By this standard anyone who has experienced: police beatings, police brutality, police arson, police theft, police burglary, police propaganda, police agents ruining and ruling your lives as free people!

Please join me in OSTRACIZING!

For humans there is a fate worse than extirpation, that is: being forgotten.

Just as early Christians would not do business with non-christians, we, as humans we know better, should have no dealing with law enforcement.

This is a big concept. That means if your son is in little league, and his coach is a cop, he can't play anymore. Or if your wife's friend's husband who is in the AFT comes to your BBQ, you should go out of your way to humiliate and ostracize that murderer. Because cops are essentially murderers when it comes down to it. They make a living off of killing or incarcerating humans who would otherwise be shut out of the American-trade system.

So please, at your next BBQ if your dialogue goes like this:"Hey, pretty good burgers you're brewin' eh' buddy?""Yeah, you know us males... always with the meat...""Yeah so, turns out I busted a guy with 6 lbs of the ol' Mari-jewana, o'er the past weekend.""Oh, yeah?""Oh YES! (grunts) Keep it off my childrens! wooo! (gun shots)"(ducking) "Fuck you man! My wife had breast cancer and thanks to cannabis' anti-tumor effects she's still alive to love, and be loved, like in a real relationship."(BBQ guy gets knocked the fuck out by an angry fist... everyone is happy)

sry. i got caught up, before it gets there, email me and i will guide you through every step of the process of fixing and idiot... we're working on a websaite


Adachi and Angela Chan..the liberals from hell.

Jojo Brosiff
Jojo Brosiff

What's liberal about pointing out corruption? The police are some of the worst scum of this country-- thugs and criminals with a pass because they were the badge.

You should be afraid of the police when they can no-knock your home, steal your assets, and jet, never making an arrest. And they have legal authority to do it now!


"I guarantee there's other police departments in America where far worse things happen and nobody bats an eye."

People should be frightened when cops try to deflect responsibility by saying cops in other police departments across the country are even worse than they are.


"If these guys are cutting corners and not going about things the right legal way, that sucks and maybe they should be reprimanded. But police work and plainclothes work is not black and white -- you have to be creative to be effective," This is the problem- this cop see's nothing wrong with cutting corners & "not going about things the right legal way"???!!!! First, what a moron, second if they don't do things the "right legal way", that means they do it in an illegal way... like planting evidence, telling lies, etc. This guy doesn't DESERVE to be a cop."I guarantee there's other police departments in America where far worse things happen and nobody bats an eye." yeah, since other cops do things that are illegal - then they should be allowed to do something illegal too??? What a rocket scientist....He and others like him are what's wrong with the SFPD- they have a responsibility to be beyond reproach, and yet how can the public have any confidence in these officers when they act and speak this way. It "smells", like all incidents involving dirty cops.


The thing is that moron was a veteran cop.


" police work and plainclothes work is not black and white -- you have to be creative to be effective"

Fire this guy first.Then fire every single cop who agrees with this statement, starting with the ones who violated the US Constitution at the Henry Hotel, then perjured themselves in their reports.The Henry Hotel gang should face prosecution for breaking the law also.We need to hold the officers we pay to enforce the law to a higher standard than this, so that we can feel safe in our own homes.

Let's reward the honest police officers who work hard at their jobs and obey the law with our gratitude and with excellent financial compensation.Let the rest find a new line of work, because they are unworthy to serve the people of San Francisco.

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