Chris Daly Says It Will Be on Like Donkey Kong Soon

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New bartender?
While perusing Facebook, SF Weekly couldn't help but catch a glimpse of this new photo on former Supervisor Chris Daly's page -- a Photoshop cutout of the fighting Donkey Kong in front of the ex-pol's Buck Tavern bar.

Is it a new, cheap ad for the bar or is he tossing around potential campaign ideas?

Nah, Daly said.

"Someone took the time to Photoshop it, so I took the time to post it," Daly told SF Weekly with a chuckle.

All right. Fine. But then we had to ask: When will it be on like Donkey Kong? Daly assures us that his chances of jumping into the mayoral race are increasing by the minute.

The Leland Yees and David Chius of the mayor's race don't seem to take him seriously, and they don't believe the city's left-leaning camp will produce a worthy candidate for the fight, Daly said.

"They think we are not going to have a candidate, but we will," Daly says. "And if it's not anyone else in the near future, it will be me."

Then he started kicking around some possible campaign slogans that have been on his mind.

"I was thinking 'Who said I didn't shave?'" Daly said.

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Those who can do and those who can't for political office.

h. brown
h. brown

Dart Board,

Don't forget to mention that Chris now has an excellent dart board besides metaphorically being one. And, here's my take on a story you should be covering:

Cops canceling press passes again

(Suhr attack spawned national law)


Reporters don't have to hand the cops their notes or film on demand except under extraordinary circumstances. The Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly that this is a constitutional fact. Over the past decade two reporters have been put in prison for refusing to comply with law enforcement demands for their records. One was from the New York Times and the other was, well, the other was Josh Wolf.

Wolf spent a year in prison for standing up for the First Amendment. Eventually Congress came up with a law that slashed into the concept of Citizen Journalist (“Fuck the bloggers!!”) and that's where we are today.

I mention this because it appears that the neanderthal, Greg Suhr is poised to become our latest police chief and it was Suhr whose screw up of SFPD supervision of an Anarchist demonstration landed Josh in prison. Appeals for Wolf's freedom then created the latest legislation.

Then chief, Heather Fong demoted Suhr for his incompetence at the scene (believe he went from Commander to Captain) and farmed him out to run security for the PUC at Hetch-Hetchy (talk about Siberia). Surhr's been trying to rehabilitate his reputation since and as a proven thug is the favorite of the POA to replace Acting Chief Jeff Godown.

Bulldog suspicions

The brass of the SF Police Officers Association is little better than a crime family. And, because they get out the votes for whomever is the leading Downtown candidate for mayor election cycle after cycle, they get major say in the choice of top cop. And, they know how to fill a power vacuum.

In 2003 before election day the POA replaced Willie Brown's team of bodyguards with a group of narcotics detectives (crookedest department on the force – 8 of them are riding desks presently to prove that) loyal to the POA. Before George Gascon took office (assuming they'd get their man Suhr) ... they redesigned entry to the Chief's office to make it into a bunker and manipulated the phone system to make Chief Gascon nearly inaccessible to public or press.

I'm betting this attack on Bloggers comes from Suhr via the POA and is being enacted on Acting Chief Jeff Godown's shift so that Suhr can croon, “It wasn't my idea. It happened on Godown's watch.”. Y'all wait and see.

Time for another hearing on cops and the press and it should be in front of Ross Mirkarimi's Public Safety committee. I'd hope that follow-up on this matter should be in the hands of David Campos. In fact, in light of Ross' imminent move from the Board to the Sheriff's office (wanna bet?), it would probably be best if Campos covered this hearing.

go Giants!



Sad. I really enjoyed drinking there.

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