Charlie Sheen Still Ranting....On San Francisco's Ustream

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Now he's just showing off
Just when you thought you had heard enough from actor Charlie Sheen and his questionable antics, he brings his new persona live... to San Francisco.

After his (fill in the blank)-induced rant led producers of CBS to cancel Sheen's television series Two and a Half Men, Sheen has picked up where he left off and launched his own show on San Francisco's Ustream, a live video streaming site.

And while Sheen's rants were initially viewed as curious and somewhat entertaining, now they are just tiresome. 

His first episode aired Saturday afternoon, and has reportedly been viewed more than 1 million times.

By Sunday, Sheen had aired another live episode which he dubbed Torpedoes of the Truth. -- and trust us when we say it's borderline uncomfortable to watch. Sheen spends the entire clip on the phone performing another nonsensical, stream of conscious rant while puffing on a cigarette and supposedly talking to someone on the phone.

"My fucking thing is gold, platinum, and diamonds, and whatever other fucking precious gem that falls out of fucking losers' butt holes you know what I'm saying?" Sheen asks rhetorically while gripping the telephone to his ear. 

The 13-minute clip ends -- finally --  when Sheen's black pug, Betty, dies.

Video streaming by Ustream

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his rants inspires everyone. even tenants looking for renters. LOL check out some of it here--hilarious craigslist ads featuring charlie sheen.

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