Brian Wilson Gets His Own Website

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Growing beard, growing fame
As we've already stated before there is seemingly no end in sight to the Brian Wilson frenzy that's captivated fans everywhere.

Recently, the Giants relief pitcher was featured on George Lopez, donning a yachting cap with a pipe in his mouth, where he talked about getting massages in Thailand. And last week he made headlines again when he flew to Charlie Sheen's Los Angeles home for a playdate.

Now, the eccentric Wilson has created a central hub to document all of his awesomeness with his own Web site, giving us the latest pictures, videos, and news.

And for the fans of his beloved facial hair, there is a section to upload pictures of your own Wilson-esque beard.

There is also a special section where fans can ask the Weez questions -- anything you want.

A store with Wilson merchandise is coming soon.

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h. brown
h. brown

What a crew!

I doubt the average pro baseball career lasts over 6 or 7 years. These guys gotta get it while they can and those who live on the orgasmic edge of relief pitching even more so. Everything and everyone has term limits except for bloggers and herpes.

Let's see 'the Machine' pose nude (cept for leather hood) in some gay or girlie magazine.

Go Giants!


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