Bevan Dufty: Is He Making a Comeback in the Mayor's Race?

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Looking for money in all the right places
Just last month, Bevan Dufty admitted that his mayoral campaign was foundering; he dropped his pledge to hit-up only local donors and has since been taking red-eye flights back-and-forth to the nation's capital. 

And now we know why.

In his effort to reboot his collapsing campaign, which he is now calling Dufty 2.0., the former supervisor zeroed-in on just the right target.

Yesterday, he picked up the endorsement of the Victory Fund, a national gay and lesbian organization that helped get the first openly gay mayor elected in Houston, Texas. 

What this really means for Dufty is that he just might be back in the race -- financially speaking.

It was Dufty's self-imposed campaign cap -- which restricted him to $200 per donor -- that was setting him back, despite the fact that he had been collecting cash for more than two years.

The most recent campaign finance statements show that Dufty had raised only $108,305, as of December, although he said last month he had $225,000 in the bank. Still, that's weak compared to a less recognizable name like Joana Rees, who has managed to rake in more than $150,000 in the four months of her candidacy. 

The Victory Fund's endorsement signals a huge shift for Dufty's campaign, political consultants said. The group is known for its fund-raising prowess and it has a strong national donor network that helped Annise Parker get elected as the first openly gay mayor in Houston, Texas.

And if it can help Houston elect a gay mayor, than San Francisco should be a no-brainer.

"He can raise significant money from that community," said Jim Ross, a local campaign consultant. "This is really good."

Ross pointed out that Dufty remains one of the most popular politicians, and comes from the largest voting district, which puts him in a strong position. More importantly, he can now access money from LGBT communities across the nation, which will help him make a comeback in this race.

"He was on his way back [into this race] and this [endorsement] certainly puts him over the edge," Ross said.

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I'm a renter in SF and I'm voting for Bevan!


The guy voted in favor of baning happy meal toys...c'mon!!! Really? Lost all credibility after that..

h. brown
h. brown


He's a nice guy. He's also the leader of the 'death of fun' in San Francisco. If you want to live in 'Peoria by the Bay', vote for Bevan.

go Giants!



Dufty has zero leadership qualities.


Having met Bevan Dufty in person I have to say he is one of the most honest and nicest politicians I'v ever had the honor to meet. I wish him the best of luck in his campaign and truly wish he is the next SF Mayor!

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