Bay to Breakers Treks on Two More Years: Zazzle Agrees to Sponsor Race

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This year won't be the finish line for the Bay to Breakers footrace after all.

The event organizers announced that Zazzle, a Redwood City-based company that serves as a platform for creating new products online, has signed a two-year contract, agreeing to be the title sponsor for the annual run, including the May 15 race.

"The thing that's cool is that they are about personal creativity, ingenuity, and expression, which fits into the Bay to Breakers 'come dressed or undressed' [theme]," said Sam Singer, spokesman for the B2B event.  

Singer told reporters about the new sponsorship on Thursday --  the same day that registration for the event sold out. But now that they have a sponsor in place, it's possible organizers will consider opening up registration to more runners. 

For the fist time this year, event organizers capped registration at 50,000 participants, and more importantly, they banned runners from getting "shit-faced drunk."

Singer wouldn't disclose any of the details of the deal, including why the company only agreed to a two-year contract. But the deal will buy organizers a little more time to search for other future sponsors.

"We were concerned we would not find a title sponsor," Singer told SF Weekly. "But this will help us support the financial needs of the race and make it an ongoing event."

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I would like to know more about this so-called "fist time."

h. brown
h. brown

It's becoming a Christian race,

The guy who bought the Examiner (Phil Anschutz) and the rights to Bay to Breakers is an out 'Fundamentalist evangelical Christian' who spreads his message of homophobia with donations to any group that tries to limit equal rights for gays. He's a Colorado billionaire.

He's gutted the race from the get-go. He can't stop the nudity because it's totally legal. Drinking in public isn't so he's concentrated on that. He's a happy collaborator in the Dufty crowd's 'War on Fun' that has taken down countless events beginning with Halloween in the Castro. People who have some kind of mental block about having fun don't want others to have fun either.

Anschutz has Sam Singer as a PR guy and Sam is famous for being able to make chocolate sundaes from piles of poop. This morning in the Examiner he announced that the race had "sold out" for the first time ever. That's a pile of doo cause entry to the race was never restricted (nor, rock n' roll floats and booze) ... in mid-80's the race drew over 100,000 participants a year. This year the 'evangelical' has cut the race to 50,000 with no floats and the cops ordered to keep the whole thing alcohol free. While Singer (for a hefty fee) tells us all it's a huge success.

Enjoy your chocolate ice cream.

Go Giants!

Daly's Dive Noon to 3pm Fridays for my Salon. $2 pints and $2 fries.



I just want to know how they'll stop people from getting 'shit-face drunk'. Seems like an impossible and mostly silly task.


Although I wanted to like Zazzle, their t-shirts are unfortunately very low quality. If you want a custom t-shirt, Spread Shirt and CafePress are both much better options.

Trust me on this, I've ordered a few from each.


I have too and you are wrong wrong wrong in this assessment.

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