Bay to Breakers Makes Room for Another 5,000 Participants -- Register Now

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Make room, people ...
If you hadn't jumped on the opportunity to register for the 100th Bay to Breakers footrace/costume party before the window closed, here is your one final chance.

After signing a two-year deal with Zazzle to be the title sponsor of the event, representatives with Bay to Breakers announced some more good news today: It's allowing another 5,000 people to participate in the May 15 race.

It's the "overwhelming enthusiasm" that's convinced the Redwood-City based company to squeeze in more runners.

Event organizers had capped the registration at 50,000 this year and banned alcohol for the 100th anniversary of the footrace.

But there had been so much uncertainty as to whether the popular race would continue after the title sponsor dropped out last year, putting the event in a financially precarious position. That's probably why people came out in droves to the registration line, which closed last week, the same day the event announced its new partnership with Zazzle.

"We're grateful to the city of San Francisco for working with us to accommodate the additional infrastructure and services we've put in place to stage the surplus of runners," said Angela Fang, general manager for the race.

Click here to register.

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Roger P
Roger P

We' I'll be there - running bare! Whoo hooo! What fun!

I don't think they'll completely stop all drinking, but hopefully will cut down on the really drunk people who cause so much trouble. Really, a couple of drinks to loosen up - Great! More drinks, not so great. Anyway, if you see me - I'm the really tall, naked guy - don't be shy I love to get my photo taken with people!

So let's party hardy and have fun!


The Bay to Breakers is alive and well.Past sponsor, lame ass insurance company ING, was just worried about wringing a profit out of it while twisting it to conform to the falsely moral company image they hoped to put forth. Now B2B just needs to dump Spokesliar Sam Singer and they'll be on their way.

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