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More people, more urine
Nobody can say for certain whether San Francisco's annual Bay to Breakers race will carry on next year since the organizers have yet to find a title sponsor to take over. And that perhaps could explain the mad rush of people trying to get a spot for the May 15 event.

B2B organizers told SF Weekly today that 41,000 people have registered for the costume run -- with two months to go. To put that into context, last year's B2B drew 32,000 people by race day.

"Never before in the modern history of the race have this many registrations been sold at this point," said Sam Singer, spokesman for the event.

"I think this is indicative of two important elements First, the race is beloved and people want to make sure they will be able to run in the historic 100th anniversary race and secondly, that the ban on alcohol and floats is being universally embraced by people who actually participate in the race," Singer added.

That leaves room for only another 9,000 participants in the centennial footrace; among the other new rules this year, registration is now being capped at 50,000.

Registration is expected to close before the end of the month -- so hurry up.

Meanwhile, race organizers are waiting for a title sponsor to step up to become the key financial backer of the event. Singer still believes that the new ban on getting "shitfaced drunk" at the event will make it more appealing for companies who might want to attach their name to Bay to Breakers.

Although, he admits, nobody has shown interest just yet.

"The race will go on," Singer assures us.

But he's just not sure how.

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h. brown
h. brown


Actually, I think they signed with Volkswagen yesterday. "Modern Record"? Ho, ho, ho. That's pretty good spinning and ignores the question ... ta hell is "Modern"? From the early 80's until the right wing Anschutz bought the rights (he books only Christian appropriate music thru his AEG which is second biggest promoter in US) ... race attendance exceeded 100,000 yearly and one year reached world record 150,000.

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