Victims Talk Criminal Out of Robbing Them

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Lose the red bow ... it's just not scary
Two men scared off a criminal as he attempted to rob them in broad daylight near Balboa Park this week.

According to police, the duo was walking along Ocean Boulevard near Howth Street at about 3 p.m. on Thursday when another man walked up to them and started chatting.

They carried on a friendly conversation for a few minutes until the man asked his new friends if they had ever seen a gun before.

Before the two could answer the question, the man pointed to his pocket, as if to say he had a gun in there. He then demanded $20 from each of his victims, according to police.

The victims told the suspect too bad -- they had no money on them. The relentless robber then demanded they handover their cell phones.

That's when the victims decided to talk their way out of what was happening; they reminded the robber that too many people were around and could witness the crime. Also, the police station was two blocks from where they stood, the victims said.

The robber lost his courage and ran off with no cash, no cell phones, and almost certainly no gun.

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