Asian Boom: Demographic Map Reveals Growth in Southeast S.F.

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Last week, SF Weekly wrote about how the Asian-American ascendancy in San Francisco politics is reflected in demographic trends revealed by the latest census -- specifically, a growing proportion of Asians in the city.

The above map gives us a quick but detailed snapshot of that change. Incorporating the new census figures, it was provided to SF Weekly by David Lee, executive director of the Chinese American Voters Education Committee and a lecturer in political science at San Francisco State.

Note in particular the dark-red shading indicating a large Asian presence in the Bayview, Sunnydale, and Visitacion Valley neighborhoods of the Southeast city -- this is the most significant change since 2000.

It appears that this historically African-American section of San Francisco now rivals the Richmond, Sunset, and even Chinatown for prevalence of Asian residents.

Another demographic trend to note is the shaded patches of SOMA -- more heavily Asian areas that likely helped propel the successful candidacy of District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim last year.

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This is truly good news and a most promising trend for all of us , Asian or not , who love this wonderful city and want to see it rebound and be rescued from it's most certain demise. One Oakland , in this world , is enough.

John Brown
John Brown

F$ck you, you piece of $hit peckerwood.

And I'm white

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