Apple to Hold World Developers' Conference in S.F.: Will Steve Jobs Reveal Plans for iPhone 5?

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What will the next generation look like?
Apple officials fired off an e-mail to developers on Monday, inviting them to the next conference where they can get a sneak peek at the future of iOS and Mac OS X and -- as some analysts speculate  -- view plans for the iPhone 5.

The e-mail was also the company's way of announcing that the weeklong annual developers' conference, also known as the WWDC, will be at San Francisco's Moscone Center. In the past, Apple has used the keynote address of the conference to reveal its newest iPhone model.

And people want to know: Will the iPhone 5 be less crappy than the iPhone 4?

Earlier this month, online rumors started circulating that the iPhone 5 would get a new antenna -- which would supposedly resolve the vexing issue of dropped calls with the iPhone 4.

Of course, those are just rumors -- users will have a much better sense of what the phone can and cannot do later this summer.

Aside from details for the next generation, developers want to know whether Steve Jobs, who has been sick on medical leave, will make an appearance at the June conference.

Apple officials have reportedly been mum on this question. In Jobs' previous medical leave two years ago after he got a liver transplant, the company's marketing chief, Phil Schiller, gave the keynote presentation.

So many unknowns.

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Alisha Smith
Alisha Smith

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BREAKING NEWS: Apple may or may not do something at some point in the future!

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