Allegations of 'Phantom Voting' in Police Union Election

I ain't afraid of no phantom voter...
Accusations as to whether "phantom voting" helped San Francisco Police Officer's Association President Gary Delagnes win reelection fairly surfaced today on the blog of outspoken former cop Andrew Cohen.

Despite grumblings about the longtime union president, Delagnes managed to beat out veteran cop Steve Landi last month in a runoff with 60 percent of the vote.

But Cohen, the former SFPD officer who left the department after the videogate scandal broke, posted a video of himself voting in the most recent POA election -- despite the fact that he is no longer an active member, and should not have been able to log onto the website.

Cohen also posted the e-mail from the POA election committee confirming his vote.

"How could, of all people, me, Andrew Cohen, the primary nemesis of the current POA regime, and the most vocal and well-known protagonist against the POA President and his practices, be allowed to vote in this election process?" wrote Cohen.

"If I am doing it than how many other phantom voters are out there doing it?" he posits.

Cohen was an equal-opportunity phantom voter. He cast one ballot for Landi and then voted for Delagnes in the runoff a few days later.

"I was shocked and amazed at my ability to vote," Cohen wrote.

Neither Delagnes nor POA vice president Kevin Martin has returned messages from SF Weekly.


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h. brown
h. brown

Nobody rags,

on the cops more than I do. But, back in the day in St. Louis County I was a firefighter and shared quarters with a cop precinct for 5 years and I found that about 90% of them were hard working, brave and honest. The rest were union reps.

It's same here. It's Delugnuts and his people who keep the cops from walking beats and won't hire San Franciscans anymore. We have a mercenary force here folks and they are very highly paid and encouraged not to get to know us. Ever wonder why?

Well, when the local garrison in Beijing refused to slaughter the students cause they knew em and knew they weren't dangerous, the commies brought in the boys from the country to do the job.

Same thing happened in Turkey. Bring in the country boys cause they hate the city people anyway.

Same thing in San Francisco now.

This place is becoming a right wing stronghold at the top levels. Gentrification and the 'War on Fun' continue apace and the new faces you see glaring at you on SFPD were likely discharged from their last position in some outlying community for complaints of brutality.

As my favorite bartender of all time used to say back in the 60's ...

"Well, whaddareyougonnadoo?"

Go Giants!



Nothing to see here folks - move along. We in the POA have seen this sort of thing many times. Not saying we are used to it, much less like it, just that we have seen it all before with Delagnes. If we were not all worried about getting invloved in a 'scandal' we would have our own Tahrir Square moment and be free of this corruption.

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