Videogame Museum Coming to San Francisco ... Hopefully

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1-up in San Francisco
San Francisco has been forming its reputation as the online gaming Mecca. To cap it off, a group is now attempting to establish the city's first videogame museum, which would pay homage to the creators of all our favorite fantasy worlds.

The Museum of Digital Art and Entertainment, an online nonprofit group, is collecting donations to open the videogame museum that would showcase concept art, videogame prototypes, and playable games.

"There are already world-class videogame museums in New York, Germany, and Italy. It's time we got started building such an establishment here, in the San Francisco Bay Area,"  said Alex Handy, the group's director.

"Despite the claims of some, videogames are undeniably art. We are dedicated to showing the reality of game development. We want to showcase the artists and designers who create games, and explain the processes behind their creation in a manner the general public can understand," Handy added.

The group is collecting donations through It will use the money to pay rent on a space, somewhere near public transit.

"Though our initial space will be small, a focus on the community will enable us to build an organization that will be able to chronicle the artistry of videogames for generations to come," Handy says.

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Our name is the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment. Kotaku got it wrong.

Thanks for the link though!

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