Photos of Steve Jobs Looking 'Gaunt'; Apple Stocks Drop

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How sick is he?
Apple's Steve Jobs reportedly left the Stanford Cancer Center in Palo Alto yesterday, which has reporters asking how sick is he?

Photos that the National Enquirer published took of the frail and gaunt looking Jobs as he left the medical center are spreading across the web. All of this has investors curious and worried about Jobs' health. Jobs took medical leave last month.

Meanwhile, Apple's stock dropped 1.6 percent in early trading Thursday, down to $357.25.

However, Jobs is still planning to meet with President Barack Obama today at an undisclosed location in San Francisco with other high-tech leaders, including Google's Eric Schmidt and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg, to discuss innovation.

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Matty Matty
Matty Matty

Leave the man alone. Its hard enough to go through cancer, you dont need this added stress. Its not like he's cheating on his wife.


It's sad to see how the market reacts when news like this hits the airwaves. There is no doubt that Jobs is a smart individual. You can rest assured that systems are in place to make sure that Apple remains a formidable force in the electronic world long after Jobs is gone. His vision has been communicated and his aspirations will not be soon forgotten. I pray that he triumphs over his current ailment, and I request that we respect his privacy and not add additional stress at this very trying time in his life.


Wunderkind Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt, and Steve Jobs, the Apple founder and CEO who announced last month that he was taking his third medical leave, are among a dozen business leaders meeting with Obama in California Thursday evening. Also scheduled to be there: the heads of Twitter, Yahoo, NetFlix and Oracle, and the president of Stanford University.The latest video clips from TMZ I get the latest what happen. It will be helpful for them who want to keep in touch with updates always like me

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