S.F. Man Shot After Dispute Over Chihuahua in a Pink Sweater

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Update: Police arrest shopkeeper in connection with shooting. Sam Kazzouh, 42, of Fairfield was arrested inside the store after the shooting. He has been charged with three felonies, including assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a loaded firearm not registered to him, and shooting into a dwelling. The Chronicle reports the victim's name is Michael Stafford, 52, of San Francisco. He remains in critical condition.

A man was shot in the Haight District this afternoon over an argument about the victim's dog who was wearing a pink sweater.

Police are giving out sketchy details about the shooting, which occurred at 1:15 p.m. at the corner of Masonic Avenue and Haight Street. But the Examiner is reporting that the man was shot in the torso in front of Fred's New Lite  Supermarket after the store owner possibly kicked the man's pup, who is named Gizmo.
The victim was taken to San Francisco General Hospital with life-threatening injuries, police say.

The shopkeeper was arrested, according to media reports.

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I was also assaulted by Sam and was told by the police that if I wasn't going to press charges that there was nothing they could do. Like Madmamalopez, I have a very similar story only Sam reached over the counter for no reason at all and punched me in the face.


What happened to the dog? Who's taking care of it while it's owner is in the hospital. What a crazy guy. What a horrific act. So useless. I hope the dog owner ends up owing the store.


I'm a long-time resident of the Haight-Ashbury District and a frequent customer of Fred's New Lite Market at Haight and Masonic. Mike is a friend of mine whom I've known for at least 8+ years. "Gizmo", the Chihuahua, weighs all of 2-lbs soaking wet (if that). Sam has always been pleasant to me - when he's spoken. With that said, I've always felt that there was something odd/unsettling about him. One or more of his brothers (all great guys) are always at the store with him.Other friends of mine who were either working across the street or just arriving when it happened have told me that Mike entered the store with Gizmo and Sam yelled at him to get the dog out of the store. I also heard that Sam kicked the dog. If so, in response to such an excessive act of violence against one so tiny - I would've gotten in his face, too. I heard that Mike got angry and had words with Sam and that Sam pulled the gun out from under the counter and pointed it at Mike. Mike said, "What? You're gonna shoot me, now?", turned and went to the exit. At that time, Sam shot him, once in the back. (I also heard he shot him in the leg.) A friend working across the street heard the shots fired, saw Mike on the ground and heard Mike yelling and saying that he couldn't feel his legs.Like other articles have noted, Sam and his family have been/are valued and important business owners/great neighbors in our community for years. Mike is a long-time resident/great guy with a big heart, too. The two men have known each other for years, with no animosity. When walking my dog at night, I often ran into Mike near the Market.I was shocked and saddened when I heard what happened. Knowing those involved, the whole incident didn't make any sense. Then, I heard that Sam may suffer from a mental illness. (Another friend told me she'd walked into the store the day before to find Sam laughing hysterically at nothing.) Perhaps he was off his meds? Regardless, if Sam (or anyone) has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia (or any delusion-inducing psychiatric disorder), simple Common Sense dictates that you don't leave a loaded gun laying around within reach of that person. SFGH won't divulge patient info (Privacy/Crime), which is frustrating, but I understand.Result: I don't know if my friend Mike has survived this tragic event or not.So, my thoughts/prayers are with both Mike (I Love You) and with Sam and his family.


last i heard hes on life support


I was a loyal customer at this market for years when I worked on Haight St. and Masonic. One Afternoon I was in the store, alone. When I finished paying for my items the store co-owner started yelling at me stating he was Catholic and not Muslim, repeating this several times. I was shocked and and reminded him who I was and I shop there almost everyday. The man then reached over the counter and grabbed my breast very hard. I yelled at him not to touch me. He reached under the counter with both hands, mumbled something treating, I was frozen with fear. then his brother, co-owner, came out from the back room asking us what was going on. The man behind the counter instantly rose up and crossed his arms as if he was doing nothing. I left the store and called the police. The officer who took my report told me I should just forget about the whole thing and move on with out making a report. I didn't follow his advice, I made a report but since the cameras in the store were turned off at that moment and no one else saw it happen the case was a he said she said story and nothing would become of it. I made my report in hopes that if in the future this man at Fred's New Lite Supermarket were to make another assault, my report would add something to the victims story. I was told by Fred himself that this person who assaulted me was his brother and his has schizophrenia and must keep working at the store so he can afford his medication. Fred also said that his brother wasn't ever allowed to be left in the store alone. Well, Fred left him alone that day I was in there. My thoughts and blessing are with this shooting victim.


Hello Madmamalopez:Wow! Thank you for posting your story.

Mostly, Thank You for ignoring that incompetent and derelict police officer's piss-poor advice to "... just forget about the whole thing and move on without making a report."

Hello? Mr. Police Officer? Question: What if the victim of the assault had been your wife? Your sister? Your Mother? Your girlfriend?

Would you have advised them: "No big deal... Boys will be boys... Why don't you just forget about it and move on"?

I seriously doubt you would have.

Whenever anyone is physically assaulted, a top priority is to file an official police report - with photos if there's physical evidence of the attack. Why? Because it creates a solid, permanent and accessible record which will be there if - at some point in the future - it is needed as indisputable proof of a person's repeatedly violent behavior. If there's no record of repeated violent behavior and, say a single assault charge makes it to a trial - there's no way to prove it wasn't just a first time/atypical/"It won't happen again, Your Honor" incident... which could result in a slap on the wrist - if that.

Shame on that cop.

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