S.F. Man Assaults Motorist Trying to Back into His Parking Spot in Upper Haight

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Parking wars
Everyone who has visited San Francisco for a few hours on the weekend knows that trying to find parking is as irritating as trying to navigate the aisles at Trader Joe's. But how far would you go to get a space on a Saturday afternoon?

Wait, don't answer that.

For one San Francisco man, that question was a no-brainer. Last weekend, the man was standing in an open space between two parked cars on the 600 block of Shrader Street presumably trying to save the spot for someone circling the block.

As he stood there, another driver started to back into the parking space.The man started jumping up and down so the passenger in the car rolled down the window to talk to him. The man walked right up to the passenger and punched him in the face.

"There were no words exchanged, just a bloody nose," said Police Capt. Denis O'Leary.

After hitting the driver, the man ran off, leaving the space wide open for the couple.

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It was me that got punched. He wasn't holding a spot. He was just looking some someone to punch or rob and parking was a way for hime to find someone. And it wasn't just a bloody nose. He had brass knuckles or something because that one punch smashed me up pretty good and broke a tooth.


It went the other way around on Geary a few years back - a guy holding a space was killed by some gangster idiots who wanted to park there. Arrested of course - but cold comfort to the deceased family.


don't mess with people holding spaces for a car... lesson learned


just run them over, don't stand in the road like a dumb@$$.

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