Sex Offender Found Shirtless at Bernal Heights Elementary School

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Stay 2,000 feet away
State law says registered sex offenders cannot live near a school, playground, or other places where kids gather.

But apparently state law doesn't prohibit a sex offender from being shirtless around school campuses.

A teacher from Paul Revere Elementary School, located at 555 Tompkins Ave., called police to report a shirtless man had been spotted on campus, disrupting school at about 1 p.m. on Wednesday. When police arrived, they met with the school officials who told them that the same man had been at the school the day before acting "erratically" and disrupting the children in the school yard.

When police did a computer search, they found the man was a registered sex offender. The officers contacted the sex crimes unit, which later determined that the shirtless man had not violated any laws. He was slapped on the hand and told to go home.

Let's just hope his home is more than 2,000 feet from the school.

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