Scott Wiener Shuns Predecessor Bevan Dufty, Endorses Dennis Herrera for Mayor

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Not Supervisor Scott Wiener's pick...for mayor
On paper, it would seem to be a dead cert that Supervisor Scott Wiener would endorse his predecessor Bevan Dufty for mayor. They're both gay moderates from District 8 -- and incredibly tall (no, wait, that's just Wiener).

Yet the tall one announced today that he is not going to support Dufty, the only openly gay mayoral candidate in the race. Instead Wiener claims that his decision was simple -- as a former deputy city attorney, he's chosen to endorse his erstwhile boss, City Attorney Dennis Herrera.

"It doesn't say anything negative about Bevan Dufty whatsoever," Wiener told SF Weekly. "I think the world of Bevan and I think he would do a really good job."
Dufty didn't seem to mind that his successor isn't officially supporting him -- and it warrants mentioning that Dufty endorsed Rebecca Prozan, not Wiener, during the District 8 supervisor race last year.

"I understand Scott's relationship with Dennis Herrera," Dufty told SF Weekly. "When he ran for my seat, he respected my long relationship with Rebecca Prozan."

Fantastic. Everyone's on great terms -- and wants everyone else to fail.

Strategically, what does the lack of endorsement from the District 8 supervisor mean for Dufty's beleaguered campaign? Political strategist Jim Ross notes that District 8 -- which covers the Castro, Noe Valley, and Glen Park -- is the largest voting bloc that turns out in citywide elections. That makes Wiener's endorsement kinda important. 

What's more, Wiener garnered enormous support from volunteers and deployed a strong field organization during his campaign last year; this could easily carry over into Herrera's campaign, predicts Ross.

"While endorsements are nice for the name, the real value of endorsements is that it can bring people and money to a campaign," says the consultant.

And let's be honest: More people and more money is exactly what Dufty could use right about now.

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h. brown
h. brown


Now Bevan knows how Mike Hennessey musta felt.

go Giants!



Sup. Wiener should follow this up w/an announcement that he no longer supports reducing fines 4 illegal taxis/limos operating in SF. He just proposed reducing the fine (ranging from $2k-$5k) down to $1K


Good on Sup. Wiener. If not for illegal taxis/limos, I'd have been SOL getting home on several occasions.

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